Hanvon Smart Office Notebook A6 With 10.3-inch E Ink Display Launched

Hanvon announced the launch of the new Smart Office Notebook A6 (Industry Customized Edition) featuring a 10.3-inch E Ink display. The new e-note device also runs the company’s proprietary HanvonOS system which the company said will allow for a more comprehensive user experience. Hanvon also said the new Smart Office Notebook A6 is specifically designed … Read more

E Ink and AUO collaborate to develop large-size e-paper displays

E Ink announced it has entered into a partnership with AUO with the aim of developing large-sized color e-paper displays. E Ink’s contribution to the partnership will be the supply of the color e-paper modules while AUO will be providing the TFT backplane components along with the other software and hardware technologies needed. Such displays … Read more

E Ink Prism 3 Sets the Stage for BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA

In an exciting announcement, E Ink revealed the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA that has been done up with the cutting-edge E Ink Prism 3 display panels. The German luxury carmaker said the i5 Flow NOSTOKANA makes for a striking homage to the iconic 1991 Esther Mahlangu Art Car. This groundbreaking collaboration was showcased at the … Read more

Introducing AOC’s Latest Innovation: The A+ Smart Book 10W1D E Ink Tablet

AOC has unveiled its latest offering, the A+ Smart Book 10W1D E Ink tablet. Engineered specifically to cater to the evolving needs of the educational sector, this cutting-edge e-note device is now available for purchase on JingDong. The tablet comes with a spacious 10.1-inch monochrome E Ink display boasting a resolution of 1200 x 1600 … Read more

Building Your Own Solar-Powered E Ink Weather Station: A DIY Guide

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your weather station’s battery life? Are you looking for a sustainable and efficient solution to monitor the weather conditions around you? Look no further than this innovative DIY project – a solar-powered E Ink weather station that operates seamlessly even on dark days! Imagine having a weather station … Read more

DynaScan Technology introduces largest color e-paper display ever

DynaScan Technology has introduced its latest innovation in electronic paper displays, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital signage. The E Ink Kaleido 3 range debuts with its standout 42-inch model, poised to revolutionize the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) market, storefront windows, and outdoor environments. At the prestigious ISE 2024 event, DynaScan Technology revealed the … Read more

Innovative E Ink Typewriter Crafted from Kobo Nia E-Reader

In a fascinating blend of nostalgia and modern technology, a unique typewriter has emerged, crafted around the framework of an old Kobo Nia e-reader. Shared on Reddit, this ingenious creation breathes new life into the timeless concept of typewriters, leveraging the adaptability of e-reader devices. While comprehensive details are still scarce, the typewriter operates on … Read more

Crafting a Personalized Memory Box with Raspberry Pi Zero W and E Ink Display

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, cherished memories often fade into the background. Software engineer Mike Buss sought to change this by embarking on a heartfelt journey to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake box for his three-year-old son. What began as a simple project blossomed into a sophisticated “memory box,” seamlessly blending technology … Read more

Hanvon Launches C10 E-Note with 9.7-inch E Ink Display

In a surprising move, Hanvon has unveiled its latest E Ink device, the Hanvon C10 e-note. The company had earlier announced they would be launching the Clear 6 e-reader but the C10 e-note device took everyone by surprise. Available for pre-sale exclusively on JD, the C10 offers compelling features and functionalities tailored for note-taking enthusiasts. … Read more

Hanvon Clear 6 E-Reader Hits Shelves at JD

Exciting news for e-book enthusiasts! The Hanvon Clear 6 e-reader debuts on the JingDong retail store, offering a glimpse into its impressive features. Sporting a 6-inch E Ink Carta 1200 display, the Clear 6 promises an immersive reading experience, complemented by 30-level DC dimming and customizable warm/cold light controls. With support for 16 levels of … Read more