Moan Pantone 6 e-Reader With 6-inch Kaleido 3 E Ink Display Launched in China


Here comes the Moan Pantone 6, the latest entrant in the entry-level e-reader segment, e-Reader Pro reported. A huge USP of the new Pantone 6 is that it comes with a Kaleido 3 e-paper display. Moan said there is also a high-aluminosilicate glass layer having an electroplated AG film process that sits on top of … Read more

Onyx Boox Faraday e-Reader Launched

Onyx Boox has introduced the Faraday e-reader device which forms part of its international devices line-up. The Faraday comes with a 7.8-inch Kaleido 3, color e-paper display. The display shows 4,096 colors and offers a pixel density of 300 PPI and 150 PPI in black-and-white and color modes respectively. The display also benefits from a … Read more

PocketBook Era Color E-Reader Now Available Online

Here finally is the news that you perhaps have been waiting for. The PocketBook Era Color e-reader has hit the shelves after a month of it being unveiled. Here finally is your chance to snag this 7-inch color e-reader device for $259.99, though you will have to pay the price in full to secure your … Read more

Tolino Launches Three New E-Readers: Vision Color, Shine Color, and Shine

Tolino, the German e-reader manufacturer, has announced the launch of three new additions to its lineup: Shine, Shine Color, and Vision Color. These releases mark a significant development for Tolino, as the company transitions from its previous Android-based platform closed system based on Linux. The move towards a closed Linux-based system comes as a result … Read more

Chinese New Year Disrupts E-Reader Industry: Shipping Delays Expected Until May

As the Chinese New Year festivities kick off on February 10th, 2024, the e-reader industry braces for a temporary halt in production and shipping, affecting customers worldwide. With celebrations extending until the Lantern Festival on February 24th, 2024, this 16-day event brings operations to a standstill for manufacturers, distributors, and logistics partners alike. The e-reader … Read more

Introducing the Digital Pocket Book: A Pocket-Sized E-Reader with Stylus and ‘Virtual’ Physical Keyboard

In a bid to cater to avid readers who prefer the convenience of smartphones, the Digital Pocket Book (DPB) can be a sleek solution, offering a pocket-sized e-reader experience complete with a stylus and a clever ‘virtual’ physical keyboard. Visually reminiscent of the 10th-anniversary iPhone, sans the prominent notch, the Digital Pocket Book boasts a … Read more

Meet Fanmu – The Compact Palm-Sized E-Reader

The Fanmu e-reader distinguishes itself through its remarkably compact dimensions, offering a unique blend of portability and practicality. While its petite size may pose challenges for extended reading sessions, measuring just 61 x 97.7 x 9 millimeters, and weighing a mere 88 grams, the Fanmu practically fits in the palm of your hand. Despite potential … Read more