Tolino Launches Three New E-Readers: Vision Color, Shine Color, and Shine

Tolino, the German e-reader manufacturer, has announced the launch of three new additions to its lineup: Shine, Shine Color, and Vision Color. These releases mark a significant development for Tolino, as the company transitions from its previous Android-based platform closed system based on Linux. The move towards a closed Linux-based system comes as a result of Tolino’s acquisition by Kobo in 2017. Since then, Tolino’s hardware has been supplied by Kobo, aligning its design closely with Kobo’s models.

Among the new releases, the Tolino Shine Color stands out with its 6-inch E INK Carta 1300 and Kaleido 3 color e-paper screen. Supporting FastGLR and dark mode, it boasts a resolution of 1448 × 1072 or 300 PPI for black and white content and 150 PPI for color. Additionally, the Shine Color features a smart frontlight feature for brightness and color temperature adjustment. Plus, the e-reader also comes with IPX8-rated waterproofing as well.

The Tolino Shine, while sharing the same 6-inch black and white E INK Carta 1300 screen, offers slightly lower specifications with a MediaTek MT8113L processor, 512 MB RAM, and 16 GB storage space.

For those seeking a larger display, the Tolino Vision Color features a 7-inch E INK Kaleido 3 color e-paper display with a resolution of 1264 × 1680 or 300 PPI for black and white content and 150 PPI for color. Like its counterparts, it also includes manual page turning keys and the frontlight feature, along with IPX8 waterproofing.

One of Tolino’s key advantages is its compatibility with multiple bookstores, allowing users to synchronize previously purchased audiobooks or e-books through the Tolino Cloud, which offers each user 25 GB of free cloud space. The new products will support book purchases from stores such as Thalia, Weltbild, Bucher, and Hugendubel, as well as downloading books from various public libraries.

These new e-readers are set to hit the shelves in June 2024. Although they are currently on public display, pre-orders have not yet opened. Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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