Tech Enthusiast Develops DIY E-Ink Watch Inspired by Cartier Tank Series

Augusto Marinucci, captivated by the timeless allure of the classic Cartier Tank series, embarked on a unique journey to merge traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology and extended battery life. Faced with a lack of satisfying off-the-shelf options, Marinucci took matters into his own hands, crafting a custom E-Ink display watch that seamlessly blends elegance with tech innovation.

As reported by Hackaday, the primary challenge was sourcing an E-Ink display suitable for Marinucci’s bespoke case design. Undeterred, he delved into a mysterious process, skillfully cutting a donor E-Ink display to the required sizeā€”an endeavor that epitomizes the lengths enthusiasts go to achieve unparalleled customization. The result was a meticulously assembled display, strategically glued around the edges to establish the crucial common electrode connection, perfectly aligning with Marinucci’s envisioned design.

Internally, the watch’s architecture showcases a display PCB intricately connected to the control PCB at the rear through low-profile board-to-board connectors. Housing a PIC16 microprocessor and an RV-3028-C7 RTC, the watch not only displays time with precision but does so with an impressive low power consumption of 45 nA. Marinucci’s dedication to a prolonged single-battery runtime is evident in the integration of a MAX1722 low-power boost converter, drawing power from a CR1616 cell via logic-controllable load switches.

Marinucci’s DIY masterpiece stands as a testament to the convergence of craftsmanship and technology, embodying the spirit of innovation in personalized wearable tech.

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