Introducing the Minimal Phone – A Productivity Powerhouse with an E Ink Twist

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, the Minimal phone has emerged as a distinctive player, drawing attention for its unique design and features. Reminiscent of the iconic BlackBerry Passport, this device stands out with its square form factor and a physical keyboard. Developed by the startup The Minimal Company under the leadership of Andre Youkhna, what truly sets the phone apart is the integration of an E Ink display, something that makes it stand apart from the rest by miles.

Central to the phone’s design is its tactile QWERTY keyboard, offering users a genuine typing experience. Departing from the prevalent virtual on-screen keyboards, the Minimal phone caters to those who appreciate the feel of physical buttons, evoking nostalgia for the classic BlackBerry devices.

The monochrome E Ink display means it is limited in its scope though that can be considered intentional as it is aimed at eliminating distractions. With E Ink’s inherent characteristics, such as a lack of color and a slower refresh rate, activities like watching videos and gaming are instantly out of the equation. This deliberate choice aligns with the phone’s primary objective, that of boosting productivity.

E Ink displays are also known for their eye-friendly nature as well excellent readability even in direct  sunlight. Another inherent advantage of e-paper display is its minimal power consumption. The 4000 mAh battery that the Minimal phone comes equipped with is projected to last an impressive four days. Also, its makes claimed it can achieve 80% charge in just 30 minutes of charging time.

On the software front, the Minimal phone runs MnmlOS, a stripped-down version of Android tailored for E Ink functionality. The software prioritizes productivity-enhancing applications, including calendars, notes, task management, an e-book reader, and a music player. Standard features such as SIM capability, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, email, and texting are also part of the package. The phone is expected to receive software support for at least five years.

However, It is crucial to note that the Minimal phone is still being worked upon. As of now, it is only the phone’s design that has been finalized. The company plans to initiate a crowdfunding campaign in February, aiming to manufacture a minimum of 3,000 units. The campaign will serve as a litmus test for the company in determining if there is enough interest in the unique design to put it to production. The phone otherwise is estimated to cost $400 when ready.

Watch this video released by The Minimal Company to grasp why the Minimal phone is poised to redefine our smartphone experience.

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