Hanvon Smart Office Notebook A6 With 10.3-inch E Ink Display Launched

Hanvon announced the launch of the new Smart Office Notebook A6 (Industry Customized Edition) featuring a 10.3-inch E Ink display. The new e-note device also runs the company’s proprietary HanvonOS system which the company said will allow for a more comprehensive user experience. Hanvon also said the new Smart Office Notebook A6 is specifically designed … Read more

Introducing the budget-friendly Mars10 e-note device

If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable e-note device, here is something you might want to consider – the Mars10. Launched by the South Korean e-reader store Innospaceone, the Mars10 comes across as a no-frills e-note device designed for the budget-conscious users in mind. The highlight of the device is its spacious 10.3-inch … Read more

Introducing AOC’s Latest Innovation: The A+ Smart Book 10W1D E Ink Tablet

AOC has unveiled its latest offering, the A+ Smart Book 10W1D E Ink tablet. Engineered specifically to cater to the evolving needs of the educational sector, this cutting-edge e-note device is now available for purchase on JingDong. The tablet comes with a spacious 10.1-inch monochrome E Ink display boasting a resolution of 1200 x 1600 … Read more