Hanvon Smart Office Notebook A6 With 10.3-inch E Ink Display Launched

Hanvon announced the launch of the new Smart Office Notebook A6 (Industry Customized Edition) featuring a 10.3-inch E Ink display. The new e-note device also runs the company’s proprietary HanvonOS system which the company said will allow for a more comprehensive user experience. Hanvon also said the new Smart Office Notebook A6 is specifically designed … Read more

Hanvon Launches N10 2024 and N10 Mini 2024 Offering Enhanced E-Note Experience

Hanvon, a pioneer in digital note-taking technology, has unveiled two groundbreaking e-note devices, the N10 2024 and N10 Mini 2024, setting a new standard for versatility and performance in the e-reader market. The Hanvon N10 2024 boasts a spacious 10.3-inch e-paper display, while its counterpart, the N10 Mini 2024, features a compact 7.8-inch E Ink … Read more

Hanvon Launches C10 E-Note with 9.7-inch E Ink Display

In a surprising move, Hanvon has unveiled its latest E Ink device, the Hanvon C10 e-note. The company had earlier announced they would be launching the Clear 6 e-reader but the C10 e-note device took everyone by surprise. Available for pre-sale exclusively on JD, the C10 offers compelling features and functionalities tailored for note-taking enthusiasts. … Read more