PuBook Pro – Taiwan’s first 10.3-inch Color E Ink Tablet Launched

There is a new E Ink tablet in town and it’s named the PuBook Pro. It has been launched in Taiwan and as TechBang reported, is the only e-note device ever to be launched in the country sporting a 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 color e-paper display. Before that, there have been the likes of the Puboo SE which features a 7.8-inch color e-paper panel. The display also comes with an LED front light feature allowing for warm and cool independent temperature settings. This ensures you have the most optimum reading experience irrespective of the ambient lighting condition.

Apart from the display, the PuBook Pro also boasts impressive specs in the form of an octa-core MediaTek processor at its core along with 8 gigs of memory and 128 GB of storage. A sizeable 6000 mAh battery keeps the device going. It runs Android 12 out of the box and allows for the installation of any app you might need via the Play Store. There is the Type-C port at the bottom that allows for battery replenishment as well as data exchanges.

The PuBook Pro supports audiobook playback though a nice thing here is that you can make the audiobook play in the background. This way, you can read the book as it is being read aloud, something that many an audiobook fan prefers doing for a more immersive feel. Or, you can have some music playing in the background while you are reading a book or doing something else.

Yet another USP of the PuBook Pro is its integrated Chat-GPT support which can help accomplish various tasks. For instance, you can have some text or a sentence translated into a language of your choice. Just select the text block and the translated stuff is shown in a separate window at the bottom of the display.

Coming to the rest of the features, there is a pair of built-in mics placed at the bottom. The power button at the top has an embedded fingerprint sensor for user authentication. The display gets a ‘Quick Refresh’ which you can tap on to refresh the display and get rid of the ghosting effect that might have accumulated. The display also supports a two-finger zoom feature and the effect is smooth and lag-free. This comes in handy when reading PDF files or manga where you might need to zoom in to make texts look larger for easy comprehension. The integrated gyroscope can automatically set the display orientation if you rotate the device.

The stylus that comes bundled with the PuBook Pro supports 7 color settings and 8 different strokes. There are 12 pre-installed note templates that you can make the most of. There is also the recording feature that the e-note supports and allows you to record anything that you might want. It can be some information or anything for referring to later on. It weighs 430 grams and measures 237 x 186 x 6mm.

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