Bigme HiBreak E Ink Phone: All That we Know So Far

Bigme had earlier revealed the HiBreak E Ink smartphone which marks its first entry in the e-paper smartphone segment. However, there was nothing much to share about the phone when it was first teased. A few weeks down the line and we now have a better picture of what the Bigme E Ink phone is going to be like. Read on.

In all, there are going to be 4 models of the HiBreak phone, two each with color and black and white display. All of the models will come with a 5.84-inch E Ink display. With the black and white models, one of the phones is going to feature an Octa-core MTK6765 processor along with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. The phone is going to run Android 11 and will be 4G enabled.

The other black and white model will have a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor at its core along with 8 gigs of memory and 256 GB of native storage. Interestingly, the more powerful version will be running Android 14, which would make it the first E Ink device to run a more recent version of Android. The phone will also connect to the faster 5G network.

Next comes the colored model that too will feature a 5.84-inch E Ink display though it is going to be the Kaleido 3 e-paper panel. Here again, one is going to be a standard model along with a more powerful version of the same. The standard version will come with an octa-core MTK6765 processor coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM. The phone will be running Android 11 open system and will be 4G-ready.

The more powerful version will have a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor at its core along with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. As you might have guessed, the phone will run Android 14 open system and is going to be 5G compliant.

All of the HiBreak models will come with a fast refresh algorithm which together with the patented automatic image removal technology developed inhouse will allow for markedly improved visual experience. All of the models also have USB-C port though there is going to be no 3.5mm headphone jack onboard any of the models.

As for the price, Bigme said those are going to be revealed by the end of the month though a Reddit user has some info to share in this regard. According to the user identified as Disastrous_Analyst_1, the base black and white HiBreak model will start at around 219 ~ 309 USD while its more powerful version will retail for 339 ~ 429 USD.

Coming to its colored counterpart, the base model will be priced 249 ~ 339 USD while its more powerful version is expected to retail for 369 ~ 459 USD.

Stay tuned for more on this.

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