Kindle Scribe – Only 300 PPI 10-inch e-Note Selling for Less Than $300

Amazon right now is offering a discount on its flagship Kindle device, the Kindle Scribe. Apart from the Scribe, no other Kindle device is getting discounted at the moment, which somewhat belittles the flagship status of the Scribe. Even more so considering that it happens to be the only e-note device in the 10-inch category that is selling for less than the $300 mark.

Take for instance the 16 GB Kindle Scribe that is right now selling for $239 which is 29 percent or $100 less than the usual price. There is also the 32 GB Kindle Scribe which is selling for $279 at the moment, which is $110 or 28 percent less than the regular price. You also get the Premium Pen bundled with the 32 GB Scribe while the 16 GB model gets the Basic Pen. With both, you get to save up to 20 percent with trade-in. Buying two Scribe devices at a time will let you save another $40.

Apart from this, there also are bundle deals available. There is the Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle comprising of the 32 GB Kindle Scribe, Premium Pen, black leather folio cover with magnetic attach, and power adapter, all for $339.

Further, the same but with the brush print leather folio cover done up in a shade of foliage green will set you back $349.

All of this makes the Scribe the cheapest e-note device in the segment which comes with a 10-inch 300 PPI display. Most of its competitors such as the Kobo Elipsa 2E, the remarkable 2, or the Onyx Boox Note Air 3 come with a 227 PPI resolution 10-inch display. This makes me wonder what could be the reason for Amazon to offer the Scribe at rates that are quite a bit lower than others are selling for.

Is Amazon making ground for another large-screen e-reader with note-taking capabilities? That’s anybody’s guess at the moment. As it is, Amazon is already rumored to be working on a new range of Kindle devices sporting color e-paper displays. However, that is not expected to be ready before 2025 and it is too early for Amazon to be making space for the upcoming Kindle devices now.

Watch this space.

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