Latest reMarkable Update Introduces New Text Formatting Options via the Stylus

reMarkable has rolled out a new firmware update which comes with several improvements. For instance, the version 3.11 update introduces several features for the marker so that you will henceforth be able to select, format, and move the text that you have typed using the marker itself. This makes the marker more of an editing tool than it has ever been. You can easily switch between handwritten and typed text in the most hassle-free manner.

The process of selecting typed text is however slightly different compared to selecting handwritten notes and sketches. For instance, you no longer have to circle the typed text using the marker. Instead, simply striking through the text will do the job. The process is equally applicable to texts that span over several lines. Just draw a single line touching the first and the last letter of the text piece that you wish to select.

Once you have made the selection, there are several things you can do with the selection. You can tap and drag the handle to move the selected text up or down. There is going to be a line shown which will show the probable location where the selection is going to be placed. A horizontal line will show if you wish to place it above or below a paragraph or a vertical line if inserted into a paragraph. You can also tap the options menu and choose cut, copy, and paste options or choose to turn the text bold or italic.

Among the other enhancements that the latest update comes with include better and faster document syncing across devices. This applies to the devices that have the reMarkable desktop app and mobile app installed. Further, there are the usual bug fixes as well. More specifically, reMarkable said the bug that prevented the setting of a passcode has now been fixed which means better security for your tablet.

The firmware version 3.11 is now available in all regions where the remarkable has a presence and applies to all users. Go to the Settings menu and update the apps to have the latest firmware installed on your device.

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