Meet Fanmu – The Compact Palm-Sized E-Reader

The Fanmu e-reader distinguishes itself through its remarkably compact dimensions, offering a unique blend of portability and practicality. While its petite size may pose challenges for extended reading sessions, measuring just 61 x 97.7 x 9 millimeters, and weighing a mere 88 grams, the Fanmu practically fits in the palm of your hand. Despite potential ergonomic constraints, the device’s appeal lies in its exceptional portability. Notably, the Fanmu supports English and incorporates backlight functionality.

The e-reader boasts a 3.52-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 360. While its diminutive size necessitates frequent page-turning, accommodating barely more than six words per line, the Fanmu’s limitations become apparent given that it is exclusively compatible with only text files. It does not support widely used formats such as EPUB or PDF files, and conversion to text may result in a loss of formatting.

Among its other features, the Fanmu supports Bluetooth connectivity and includes an earphone jack and a built-in radio. Positioned on the right side are the volume controls and Power buttons, with the microSD card slot located on the left. The bottom houses the headphone slot, microphone, and USB slot for charging and data transfers. The device is powered by an 850 mAh battery, promising a comfortable week-long usage. Interestingly, the Fanmu doubles as an MP3 player when connected to Bluetooth headphones.

The Fanmu is available for purchase via the Good e-Reader Store for $150, with shipping and import charges to be levied extra. Considering the price point, one might contemplate investing in a used e-reader, such as a Kindle or Kobo, which offers comprehensive features and functionality. For those focused on value, exploring deals on pre-owned e-readers could provide a more robust reading experience at a comparable cost.

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