Dasung Introduces Budget-Friendly Paperlike HD E Ink Monitor

Dasung has unveiled an economical alternative to its existing 13.3-inch Paperlike monitor, aptly named the Paperlike HD. This new addition to the Paperlike series is notably more cost-effective, priced at 3,999 yuan. Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, the Paperlike HD forgoes a touchscreen interface and lacks an incorporated frontlight. In comparison, the top-tier model in the series, the Paperlike HD-FT, features both touch functionality and a frontlight. An intermediate option, the Paperlike HD-F, lacks touch capabilities but includes a front-lit display.

A prominent advantage of the Paperlike HD e-paper monitor lies in its enhanced display clarity, attributed to the absence of a touchscreen layer. However, users accustomed to touch-enabled monitors may need to adapt their working habits accordingly. Additionally, as the monitor lacks built-in backlighting, users must rely on external light sources for optimal visibility.

While several specifications remain consistent across all models, including the 13.3-inch E Ink display with a 2200 x 1650 pixels resolution and Dasung Turbo high-speed refresh technology, the variations lie in the interface features. All models offer Type-C and Mini-HDMI interfaces for connecting to external device devices. Notably, the premium Paperlike HD-FT is the heaviest among the three, weighing in at 640 grams, while the more affordable Paperlike HD and HD-F models weigh 580 grams.

The Paperlike HD is available for purchase through the Good e-Reader Store at a price of $683. Other models in the series, such as the Paperlike HD-F featuring a front-light, are priced at $748, while the top-tier Paperlike HD-FT, equipped with both front-light and touchscreen capabilities, is available for $798.99. Notably, these prices present a more economical option compared to direct purchases from Dasung.

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