Kobo has a series of new e-reader launches lined up in 2024

In the year 2024, Kobo is poised to introduce a pair of innovative e-readers, expanding their repertoire with notable enhancements, Good e-Reader reported. The initial device, presumably the Rakuten Kobo Libra 2e, has already undergone the FCC approval process in October. A subsequent FCC application, filed in December 2023, pertains to an entirely novel e-reader, both of which are anticipated to debut in June 2024. The second impending Kobo e-reader, identified by the model name N365, is speculated to be the Kobo Sage 2e, boasting a substantially enlarged battery. Although specifications remain under embargo for six months, key features include USB-C compatibility, Bluetooth 5.1, and dual-band WIFI (2/5 GHz).

The Kobo Sage and Kobo Libra 2, introduced concurrently in October 2021, are now showing signs of aging. Despite its initial commendable performance, the Sage faced battery challenges due to a diminutive 1,200 mAh power source. To address this issue, Kobo devised a specialized case housing an additional battery, mitigating the impact of the inadequate primary battery. Acknowledging these shortcomings, it is anticipated that Kobo will address the battery concerns with a substantial upgrade for the impending Sage 2e.

In alignment with Rakuten Kobo’s concerted environmental efforts, all forthcoming devices are set to be crafted from recycled plastic. The Libra 2e and Sage 2e are projected to consist of 85% recycled plastic and 10% ocean-bound plastic, derived from sources like water bottles and CDs/DVDs. These eco-conscious designs will retain their waterproof features, ensuring durability for users in beach or bathtub settings.

Speculation is also rife regarding the prospect of a color E INK screen for the upcoming e-readers. However, historical interviews with Kobo officials indicate a staunch stance against adopting Kaleido technology due to perceived color washout issues. While the use of the new Carta 1300 e-paper screen is not confirmed, Kobo’s track record, having been among the pioneers to adopt Carta 1200 in the Sage and Libra 2, suggests a plausible inclination toward superior e-paper quality. The touted advantages of Carta 1300 include a 30% across-the-board performance boost and improved text contrast in e-books, resulting in darker text to enhance the differentiation between the e-paper screen and textual content.

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