Lenovo Unveils New Laptop Concept with E Ink Prism 3 on its Lid

One of the star attractions of the Lenovo stall at CES 2024 has been one of its laptop prototypes, the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE. And one of the reasons why it demands attention is the E Ink Prism 3 color display that adorns its lid. Originally designed for applications like retail signage, the dynamic E Ink technology capable of displaying eight colors seems well adapted when put on the lid of a laptop, and the result is stunning at best.

The laptop’s E Ink screen, powered by energy-efficient technology, showcases various programmed patterns even when the device is switched off. This unique feature allows for an unparalleled level of personalization, providing users with a distinctive and customizable aesthetic. Leveraging the efficiency of E Ink technology, the laptop maintains its vibrant display even when closed or turned off, ensuring a visually striking experience without compromising battery longevity.

Lenovo is presenting the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE as an ambitious proof of concept at CES, introducing four distinct design schemes and the ability to support up to a thousand different images. E Ink Prism 3, unveiled by E Ink last year, is renowned for its adaptability in displaying vibrant graphics and patterns with a diverse color palette. While traditionally applied in dynamic signage and automotive settings, Lenovo’s conceptual laptop aims to explore its potential in personal computing, emphasizing customization and aesthetic allure.

Beyond the revolutionary E Ink display, the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE features a 13.5-inch, 2.8K, 120 Hz display. Internally, it houses an Intel Meteor Lake processor, supports up to 32 GB of LPDDR5x memory, provides up to 2 TB of PCIe Gen 4 storage, and incorporates a robust 74 Wh battery. The laptop is equipped with quad speakers, three Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 3.5mm audio jack, and starts at a lightweight 1 kg (2.2 pounds) for the model without the E Ink lid.

While the results are undoubtedly stunning, Lenovo emphasizes that the ThinkBook 13x Gen 4 SPE is a proof of concept, which means it isn’t certain the laptop will eventually make it to the market.

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