Reinkstone Launches Innovative iPhone Cases Featuring Embedded 4-Color E Ink Display

The Reinkstone iPhone cases, boasting an embedded 4-color E Ink display, have commenced global shipping. The standout characteristic of these cases lies in the incorporation of a small E Ink display capable of showcasing four colors—red and yellow in addition to the conventional black and white. This represents a notable enhancement over the previous tri-color E Ink display, promising a more realistic representation of images and patterns on the rear surface. Changing the displayed image is a seamless process, requiring a simple click within the accompanying app.

Distinguishing itself as an E-Ink case, the Reinkstone offering draws no power when the displayed image is static, only requiring a minimal amount of power (via NFC) during image transitions. It’s worth noting that the image refresh may take a few seconds. Compatibility is limited to iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

Another nice feature of these cases is an integrated miniature stand cleverly positioned around the iPhone’s rear camera block, providing a 115-degree adjustable lens bracket. This unique design facilitates hands-free iPhone usage, particularly advantageous for activities such as movie watching. Notably, the stand is more conducive to horizontal positioning of the iPhone due to its compact size.

The company emphasizes additional features, asserting that the case includes a tempered glass cover, is explosion and scratch-proof, and incorporates an AF molecular oleophobic coating. Fingerprint resistance is also a key attribute. Available in black and blue variants, the case is priced at $79.99.

This innovative product hints at a new era where customization of smartphone rear panels becomes a noteworthy trend. Infinix, in a parallel move, showcases its E-Color Shift tech featuring an E Ink Prism 3 display, promising to elevate smartphone rears to new levels of interactivity and vibrancy.

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