Infinix Introduces E-Color Shift Tech: Transforming Smartphone Rear Panels with Dynamic Customization

In a breakthrough showcase at CES 2024, Infinix has introduced its cutting-edge E-Color Shift technology, paving the way for customizable and dynamic smartphone rear panels. This innovative technology, utilizing e-paper displays, not only brings vibrant colors and designs to the rear of smartphones but also allows users to change them at will without draining the battery extensively.

The brilliance of E-Color Shift lies in its e-paper display nature. The rear panels will draw minimal battery power when displaying static images or patterns, ensuring a prolonged battery life. Users can now infuse life into the back of their phones, displaying messages, the time, or using colors and patterns as an expressive reflection of their mood.

Infinix is actively developing a software solution to accompany this technology, promising users the ability to create up to 60 customizable areas on their smartphone rear panels. Each section will support a variety of colors, enhancing the potential for personalization and creativity.

The Infinix E-Color Shift Technology, built on the E Ink Prism 3 display solution, has already earned recognition, clinching the prestigious Omdia Innovation Award at ShowStoppers CES 2024 in the ‘Audio Technologies, Mobile Communications, and Home Entertainment Hardware’ category.

While the timeline for this feature’s integration into real-world smartphones remains undisclosed, Infinix’s venture aligns with an industry trend. Lenovo recently introduced a similar concept using the E Ink Prism 3 display tech for a laptop lid, although the company has labeled it as a proof-of-concept device with uncertain prospects for mainstream adoption.

In addition to E-Color Shift, Infinix unveiled two other remarkable innovations at the event. The Extreme-Temp Battery concept addresses the issue of lithium-ion batteries freezing in extreme climates. Integrating biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology, this battery operates seamlessly in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, with a charging temperature span from -40°C to 60°C.

The AirCharge technology, another standout from Infinix, revolutionizes smartphone charging by eliminating the need for cables. Leveraging multi-coil magnetic resonance and adaptive algorithms, AirCharge enables wireless charging at distances of up to 20 cm and even at 60-degree angles. Operating below 6.78MHz, it delivers a charging power of up to 7.5W, offering users the convenience of charging their devices in unconventional positions while engaged in various activities.

Infinix’s trifecta of innovations signals a promising era of dynamic smartphone features, redefining user experiences in terms of customization, battery efficiency, and charging convenience.

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