Old Nook Simple Touch Transformed into an iCloud Digital Photo Frame

In a creative twist of innovation, Ben, showcased on Hackaday, has breathed new life into an old B&N Nook Simple Touch Reader by transforming its display into a sleek digital photo frame. This ingenious endeavor not only taps into the charm of nostalgia but also brings forth the environmental benefits of repurposing aging technology.

The B&N Nook Simple Touch Reader, originally launched in 2011, might have faded into the annals of e-reader history, but Ben’s project gives it a second chance at relevance. By repurposing the device into a digital photo frame, Ben not only taps into the cost-effectiveness of using an old e-reader but also contributes to reducing electronic waste, a win for both creativity and the environment.

The journey begins with customizing the e-reader to install and run an app named Electric Sign. The successful installation of this app is pivotal to the transformation. Operating on Android, the Nook Simple Touch becomes a canvas for personalized hacks, allowing users to tailor its functions to their liking. Electric Sign’s primary function is straightforward—it displays a designated website in full screen, updating at regular intervals. This seemingly simple app proves to be the key to turning the e-reader display into a captivating digital photo frame.

The next step involves connecting the modified e-reader to an iCloud album, ensuring a constant rotation of photos for display. While this may pose a challenge, it adds an interactive element to the project, offering a dynamic showcase of cherished memories.

What sets this project apart is the attention to aesthetics. Ben’s creation goes beyond mere functionality, featuring a well-crafted frame that elegantly complements the nostalgic charm of the e-reader display. The surrounding elements are carefully curated to highlight the display without overwhelming its vintage allure.

In essence, Ben’s innovative project breathes a whole new life into a dilapidated e-reader, demonstrating that even devices from over a decade ago can find relevance in the digital age. As the digital landscape evolves, such endeavors stand as a testament to the endless possibilities of repurposing and reinventing technology.

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