Sol Reader, world’s first E Ink VR headset now on pre-order

The Sol Reader, unveiled in early 2023, is not just another VR headset; it’s a groundbreaking device transcending traditional e-readers. Anticipated to hit the market in 2024, the company has initiated pre-orders at $350, offering a range of colors including black, silver, rose gold, and dark blue.

Positioned as the world’s inaugural wearable e-reader, the Sol Reader proudly boasts a singular function – reading e-books, delivering an undistracted, focused experience in what it calls “a low-tech device in a high-tech world.” Straying from the bulky VR headsets of competitors like Oculus Rift and Apple Vision Pro, the Sol Reader resembles sunglasses with discreet E INK pancake lenses, offering an immersive reading experience with 1.3-inch displays and a 256 × 256 resolution per eye.

A distinguishing feature is the Sol Reader’s diopter adjustment, catering to glasses or contact lens wearers, eliminating the need for additional vision correction. While the adjustment range remains undisclosed, it enhances the device’s versatility. With 64 MB storage, the Sol Reader accommodates extensive reading material, providing approximately 25 hours of continuous reading on a fully charged battery.

Notably, the Sol Reader doesn’t support books from major platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo. Instead, the company offers a mobile app for iOS and Android, streamlining Sol Reader management. Users can sideload DRM-Free e-books in EPUB format and send articles and newsletters to their Sol Reader, with comprehensive access to settings, accounts, and tech support within the app.

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