It’s the End of the Road for Bigme Galy

Bigme has officially announced the discontinuation of its Galy e-note device. This marks the end of a short-lived era, as the Galy was the sole representative of E Ink Gallery 3 display technology. With production halted after just 18 months on the shelves, questions arise about the future of the Gallery 3 display technology in the e-reader landscape.

The demise of the Galy spells uncertainty for the Sharp 8 and Pocketbook Viva e-note devices both of which were touted to come with the Gallery 3 display. Despite significant investment from E INK, pouring over 100 million dollars into research and development, the singular presence of the Galy in the market paints a picture of missed opportunities and unfulfilled promises.

At the heart of the Galy was its impressive 8-inch Gallery 3 color e-paper display, boasting the capability to render an astounding 50,000 different colors. With a resolution of 300 PPI, the Galy’s display utilized a sophisticated four-particle ink system, enabling a vibrant full-color gamut at each pixel. Equipped with a front-lit display with individual warm and cool color temperature control system, users could indulge in reading sessions even in dimly lit environments.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the Galy packed a powerful punch, featuring an A53 2.3 GHz octa-core processor, accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and a generous 128 GB of internal storage. For those craving even more space, there is the option to add another 128 GB via memory cards. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The e-note ran Android 11 and came with Google Play pre-installed.

The Galy also sported an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera, offering versatility for capturing moments or engaging in video calls. Security features included a fingerprint sensor for device unlocking, alongside the option to set a passcode for added protection. Further, one of the Galy’s standout features was its intuitive drawing app, boasting an array of tools and customization options for unleashing creativity.

Despite its commendable features and unwavering support from Bigme, the Galy ultimately succumbed to the inherent latency issues plaguing Gallery 3 technology, leading to its premature discontinuation.

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