iReader Smart X3 Pro With 10.65-inch E Ink Carta 1300 Display Now on Sale

The iReader Smart X3 Pro is an E Ink Android tablet designed to suit a wide range of applications, which can be work, education, or entertainment. The e-note device is unique in that it comes with a 10.65-inch E Ink Carta 1300 display having 300 PPI resolution. This makes it the only device to sport a display of this size as the vast majority of e-note devices in this size category sport 10.3-inch e-paper displays. The only other exception is the Kindle Scribe which comes with a 10.2-inch 300 PPI display.

The Smart X3 Pro is built around an octa-core processor that works in tandem with a dual-core AI processing unit and an independent GPU module all of which, the company claims, will ensure a fluid computing experience having zero lag times. Further aiding in this is the 4 gigs of memory that e-note comes with along with 64 gigs of native storage. The e-note also supports fast wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 2.4/5.0 GHz and Bluetooth 5.0.

Keeping the lights on is a 4000 mAh battery which iReader said will allow for 42 hours of reading time and 31 days of stand-by time. There also is a pair of microphones built into the device as is a pair of speakers as well. This ensures you get to listen to audiobooks or lectures that you might have recorded. If you need a more elaborate sound system, you can always attach external speakers via Bluetooth. The device measures a quite compact 243.5 x 191.5 x 5.6 mm while weighing an equally convenient 365 grams.

Another key feature of the Smart X3 Pro is its note-taking functionality. For this, the tablet comes bundled with the X-Pen 5 stylus with a built-in eraser. The pen offers a 360 samples per second sampling rate which makes it really quick and efficient in its usage. You can jot down notes, scribble, draw, annotate, or whatever just about anywhere on the device, be it on an app, e-book, a PDF file, and so on.

iReader also stated a key feature of the Smart X3 Pro is the smart AI assistant that it comes with and can get a lot of your work done automatically. For instance, you can create notes summary, key points summary, or meeting minutes easily and quickly which otherwise would have required to be done manually and would have taken a lot of time.

Besides, the e-note also supports several other AI features such as converting handwriting to text, conversion of audio files to text, audio marking via voice commands, smart schedule management, and so on. You can also make the AI Assistant to read aloud books in English. For this, you can choose from male and female narrators, adjust reading speed, and so on.

Another cool feature the Smart X3 Pro comes with is the iR-ink smart layout engine. This allows for the re-layout of PDF files easily. You can set custom fonts, font sizes, as well as the layout. You can also remove watermarks from the PDF files easily. Long-press on a word and you have a set of options such as underlining, querying, or translating the selected text.

As for its price, you can order the iReader Smart X Pro for $629.99 at Good e-Reader, with another $33 for shipping. The price is inclusive of the Smart X Pro e-note device, the X-Pen 5 Electromagnetic Pen done in black shade, and the intelligent magnetic absorption stand protective case. No word yet as to when shipping will commence.

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