Introducing Poem/1: The AI-Powered E Ink Clock that Tells Time through Poetry

Imagine a clock that not only ticks away the seconds but also fills your space with uplifting verses of poetry. Enter Poem/1, the latest innovation in timekeeping that promises to infuse your day with positivity. At first glance, Poem/1 captivates with its electronic paper display, elegantly presenting the time. However, its charm lies beyond mere timekeeping, as it delivers wisdom in the form of rhymed poems, all generated by AI, courtesy of ChatGPT.

What sets Poem/1 apart is its intentional imperfection, adding a unique charm to its character. While occasional poetic mishaps may occur, developer Matt Webb embraced these errors, infusing life with a touch of whimsy. Visitors to the Poem/1 website can experience this enchanting world firsthand, with a simulator showcasing time-telling poems updated every minute.

As the successor to the earlier e-paper clock, Poem/1 represents a refined version of its predecessor. Unveiled as a prototype last year, the overwhelming response that it garnered prompted Matt Webb and his team to pursue its development further. Now, fully prepared and with production plans in place, Poem/1 is poised to become a reality.

To ensure a seamless experience, Poem/1 utilizes a centralized server to generate a diverse collection of poems without individual fees. A portion of the sales revenue covers these costs, ensuring uninterrupted service for a year without additional charges. Priced at 119 euros, Poem/1 is set to launch in August 2024 and is currently available for support on Kickstarter.

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