Infinix Unveils E-Color Shift Technology for Dynamic Phone Back Panels

In a groundbreaking advancement in smartphone technology, Infinix has introduced its latest prototype innovation, E-Color Shift, showcasing color-changing back panels powered by E Ink Prism 3 technology. Building upon previous concepts, this revolutionary leap offers users unprecedented customization options and dynamic experiences.

Diverging from its predecessor, the Infinix Concept Phone 2021, which introduced electrochromic film technology, E-Color Shift elevates customization to new levels. The phone’s back panel is now segmented, granting users control over colors in each of the individual segments. This translates to a vast array of color options and design permutations.

Leveraging the efficiency and versatility of E Ink Prism 3, E-Color Shift ensures minimal power consumption, activating only when colors change. Once set, colors remain static, eliminating power consumption when the display is static.

Impressively swift color transitions, surpassing traditional e-readers, characterize the technology, offering a broad spectrum of animation possibilities. A dedicated app facilitates personalized animations and captivating visual effects creation.

While the current demonstration features a 2×2 grid configuration with four segments, future iterations promise expansive potential. Infinix envisions upcoming versions with up to 60 customizable areas, enabling intricate designs that evolve with user preferences.

Infinix endeavors to redefine smartphone design, offering users an ever-changing aesthetic experience that adapts to their moods and tastes. With consumer-ready devices featuring E-Color Shift technology expected within the next year or two, smartphone enthusiasts can anticipate a new era of personalized devices that truly reflect their individuality.

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