Hyattsville’s e-paper smart message boards transforming city communication

Hyattsville has implemented an innovative initiative, introducing a series of solar-powered message boards in local parks, the publication HyattsvilleWire reported. Spearheaded by Soofa, a Cambridge, Mass.-based company, these cutting-edge signs utilize electronic ink screen technology, akin to Kindle e-readers, providing a substantial efficiency boost compared to traditional screens.

Recently deployed at Driskell Park, Heurich Park, and along the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail near The Spot pop-up park, these kiosks autonomously showcase messages sourced from the city’s Facebook page and online calendar, offering relevant city updates and news. Each kiosk’s rear features a wayfinding map and links to essential city contacts.

Soofa’s kiosks have found applications in various cities, offering real-time mass transit information, air quality updates, and weather forecasts. Notably, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission incorporated Soofa’s solar-powered charging stations at Lake Artemesia a few years ago, showcasing the versatility of this eco-friendly technology.

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