E Ink Prism 3 Sets the Stage for BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA

In an exciting announcement, E Ink revealed the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA that has been done up with the cutting-edge E Ink Prism 3 display panels. The German luxury carmaker said the i5 Flow NOSTOKANA makes for a striking homage to the iconic 1991 Esther Mahlangu Art Car. This groundbreaking collaboration was showcased at the prestigious Frieze Los Angeles art fair from February 29 to March 2, signaling a new era in color e-paper display technology.

Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “The BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA captivates viewers with its dynamic display, prompting contemplation on the possibilities of color e-paper. Our partnership with BMW Group exemplifies how our technology transforms surface experiences, enabling personalized and expressive products.” He highlighted E Ink Prism 3’s programmability, low power consumption, and durability as key factors in creating vibrant and sustainable designs on various surfaces.

Drawing inspiration from Esther Mahlangu, a renowned South African artist, the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA seamlessly merges artistic expression with technological innovation. Featuring segments of e-paper capable of electronic animation, the vehicle’s design elements undergo transformative changes through the application of an electric charge, transforming a static surface into a dynamic canvas of ever-evolving compositions.

The ongoing collaboration between BMW and E Ink drives innovation in color-changing technology. Following the success of previous endeavors such as the BMW iX Flow presented at CES 2022 and the BMW i Vision Dee in 2023, the BMW i5 Flow NOSTOKANA pushes boundaries further. With 1,349 individually controllable segments, it offers an expanded palette of colors and pattern designs, solidifying its position at the forefront of automotive innovation.

E Ink’s display technology, known for its ultra-low power consumption and bistable nature, represents a breakthrough in energy-efficient displays. Its e-paper technology serves as the cornerstone for sustainable solutions across various sectors, from e-readers to medical devices, owing to its durability, flexibility, and unmatched energy efficiency.

Committed to environmental sustainability, E Ink aims to reach RE100 by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2040. By December 2023, 35 percent of the company’s global energy usage came from renewable sources, with some sites already meeting the RE100 goal of using 100 percent renewable energy. E Ink prioritizes reducing carbon emissions through product design and manufacturing processes, offering customers a carbon footprint framework for e-paper products. Recognized for its environmental efforts, E Ink has been identified as having 99.98 percent of Green Revenue in 2021 and has validated greenhouse gas reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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