E Ink and AUO collaborate to develop large-size e-paper displays

E Ink announced it has entered into a partnership with AUO with the aim of developing large-sized color e-paper displays. E Ink’s contribution to the partnership will be the supply of the color e-paper modules while AUO will be providing the TFT backplane components along with the other software and hardware technologies needed.

Such displays would be targeted at the retail segment where business owners will be able to advertise their wares in an energy and cost-efficient manner. Such display solutions are a lot environment friendly as well, besides having excellent readability even in direct sunlight or other bright light conditions. Further, combined with AUO’s solution, businesses will also be able to take care of all consumer purchase points via a single unified cloud platform.

“Currently, e-paper technology is advancing towards full-color and large-size displays. With qualities resembling printed posters, ultra-low power consumption, and no light pollution, e-paper is highly suitable for retail advertising or public information displays. We are eager to collaborate with AUO to expand the use of color e-paper in retail applications and grow our ecosystem of partners,” said Dr. FY Gan, President of E Ink while stressing the years of research they have put in towards developing solutions for the retail segment that are energy efficient and environment friendly.

AUO’s Smart Retail Business Group along with its subsidiaries spread across the globe has championed the adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as digital signage and electronic shelf labels. This has led to what can be considered a digital evolution in the retail segment.

That said, many retailers are still seen to be relying heavily on conventional practices such as using printed paper for in-store advertising purposes in spite of there being smart digital solutions available for the same. The inherent disadvantage of paper-based advertising content is that it lacks dynamic content management feature. What that means is if there is a change to be implemented, the entire advertising has to be changed, which is labor intensive, leads to wastage of paper, and is cost intensive.

E Ink Spectra 6 or the more advanced Spectra 6 Plus color e-paper presents a compelling alternative to traditional paper posters. It offers a vibrant and high-saturation color that can match the best that printed paper has to offer. They have excellent readability, consume less power, and stand for greater sustainability.

Content across consumer-facing touchpoints can be managed easily and effectively via a central management system powered by AUO technology. The solution covers all platforms, which includes LCD, LED, electronic shelf labels, and e-paper displays, and hence allows for the seamless control of all retail operations in the most optimized manner.

“Paper posters in retail stores incur significant production, transportation, and manual installation costs,” said Andy Yang, General Manager of AUO’s Smart Retail Business Group. “Changing these posters, especially under the constraints of challenges related to labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, poses significant challenges to retailers. The strength of AUO Smart Retail is our ability to address these pain points for our clients.

“Through our close collaboration with E Ink, we are working to develop a color ePaper solution that is ideal for displaying static marketing materials. We believe this addresses several paint points for our clients and reduces waste associated with paper posters, contributing to carbon reduction efforts and supporting the global trend towards decarbonization through a paperless digital experience.”

AUO is committed to driving sustainable transformation through innovative digital solutions. At this year’s Touch Taiwan exhibition, AUO will unveil a cloud-based platform solution that seamlessly integrates digital signage and electronic shelf labels. With an integrated Content Management System (CMS) already serving over 30,000 client nodes worldwide, AUO is poised to enhance its offerings.

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