Hyattsville’s e-paper smart message boards transforming city communication

Hyattsville has implemented an innovative initiative, introducing a series of solar-powered message boards in local parks, the publication HyattsvilleWire reported. Spearheaded by Soofa, a Cambridge, Mass.-based company, these cutting-edge signs utilize electronic ink screen technology, akin to Kindle e-readers, providing a substantial efficiency boost compared to traditional screens. Recently deployed at Driskell Park, Heurich Park, … Read more

Xiaomi 7-inch e-reader with Carta 1200 display and page turn buttons launched

Xiaomi has launched a new 7-inch e-reader featuring an E Ink Carta 1200 display boasting 300 PPI resolution. Setting a new standard for optimal reading experiences, the display incorporates a 32-level warm and cold light feature, adapting seamlessly to varying ambient lighting conditions. A standout innovation is the intelligent refresh mode, capable of discerning between … Read more

Sol Reader, world’s first E Ink VR headset now on pre-order

The Sol Reader, unveiled in early 2023, is not just another VR headset; it’s a groundbreaking device transcending traditional e-readers. Anticipated to hit the market in 2024, the company has initiated pre-orders at $350, offering a range of colors including black, silver, rose gold, and dark blue. Positioned as the world’s inaugural wearable e-reader, the … Read more

Color E Ink display tech still a slow mover

While black and white e-Ink technologies, such as Vizplex, Pearl, and Carta, have been in existence since 2007, color e-Ink is a relatively recent addition to the scene, making its debut in the consumer market in 2021. This makes it a technology still in its infancy. Presently, two main players in the consumer color e-Ink … Read more