Onyx Boox Faraday e-Reader Launched

Onyx Boox has introduced the Faraday e-reader device which forms part of its international devices line-up. The Faraday comes with a 7.8-inch Kaleido 3, color e-paper display. The display shows 4,096 colors and offers a pixel density of 300 PPI and 150 PPI in black-and-white and color modes respectively. The display also benefits from a … Read more

Bigme HiBreak E Ink Smartphone Set For May-End Launch

Bigme just announced they are set to launch its first E Ink smartphone which is going to be part of the HiBreak series. Right now details about the upcoming smartphones are scarce though what is known is that there is going to be a black-and-white and a colored version of the phone available. The black-and-white … Read more

Linfiny to Launch Digital Paper e-Note With 13.3-inch Color e-Paper Display

Linfiny has stated they will be introducing a new 13.3-inch color e-note device featuring a Kaleido 3 display this year. Tentatively named Digital Paper, the e-note device will have an i.MX8M mini (Quad-core Cortex A53 1.8GHz) processor under the hood. It will have 32 GB of storage which is rather small by today’s standards but … Read more

Onyx Boox Note X3 Pro, Note X3 Youth Edition E Ink Tablets Launched in China

Much along expected lines, Onyx Boox has launched the Note X3 Pro and the Note X3 Youth Edition e-note devices which it had earlier announced it would launch on April 23. Both happen to be an extension of the Note X3 e-note device that Boox had launched back in fall 2023. Read on to find … Read more

E Ink and AUO collaborate to develop large-size e-paper displays

E Ink announced it has entered into a partnership with AUO with the aim of developing large-sized color e-paper displays. E Ink’s contribution to the partnership will be the supply of the color e-paper modules while AUO will be providing the TFT backplane components along with the other software and hardware technologies needed. Such displays … Read more

Hanvon Launches N10 2024 and N10 Mini 2024 Offering Enhanced E-Note Experience

Hanvon, a pioneer in digital note-taking technology, has unveiled two groundbreaking e-note devices, the N10 2024 and N10 Mini 2024, setting a new standard for versatility and performance in the e-reader market. The Hanvon N10 2024 boasts a spacious 10.3-inch e-paper display, while its counterpart, the N10 Mini 2024, features a compact 7.8-inch E Ink … Read more