An e-reader with a nostalgic appeal of its own

In the realm of e-readers, a recent discovery has sparked nostalgia, reminiscent of the 3rd gen Kindle era. The e-reader that appeared in a YouTube video sports the classic design comprising of an E Ink display on top and a physical keyboard at the bottom, complete with page-turn buttons on the sides. The device, marked EPBooks on its rear but carrying the Hanvon marking in the top left corner, maintains its vintage charm. The unboxing video reveals meticulous preservation, accompanied by a matching white leather folio cover.

The e-reader, placed within an old-school aesthetic, boasts distinctive elements. A microSD card reader and a prominent speaker grill at the rear contribute to its unique character. There are rubber stoppers at the bottom which act to lift the device slightly, thereby allowing some space needed for audio clarity. The Power button, placed obliquely in the top left corner, adds a touch of intrigue. Notably, the left side hosts the Page Up and Page Down buttons, with the latter notably larger. All button markings are in English, suggesting potential availability in English-speaking markets.

An interesting facet of the e-reader is the inclusion of a CD and vintage-style documentation, off of which points to a bygone era. A Reddit post featuring the e-reader also includes a buy link for those intrigued by this throwback device. The video accompanying the post offers a closer look at the device, inviting users to revisit the classic charm of e-readers with physical buttons.

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