Onyx Boox Leaf 3C to launch on February 26th

Onyx Boox is gearing up to unveil its latest innovation in the realm of e-readers later this month. Dubbed the Onyx Boox Leaf 3C, the e-reader is all set to make its grand debut at 7 p.m. local China time on February 26th.

Teasing enthusiasts with a sneak peek, the company recently shared a tantalizing preview via its official Weibo account. While details remain scarce, one thing is for certain: the Leaf 3C marks the brand’s inaugural e-reader offering for 2024. The company also stated the Onyx Boox Leaf 3C boasts a vibrant color e-paper display, promising an immersive reading experience for e-books, comics, and other multimedia content.

While the teaser image leaves much to the imagination, what seems evident is that the Leaf 3C is going to be the color version of the Leaf 3 that Onyx Boox already offers. In that case, the Leaf 3C will have a similar external aesthetic, with a notable addition: a dazzling array of colors to complement its sleek silhouette. Anticipate a Kindle Oasis-like asymmetrical build, featuring a slightly thicker portion which tapers off to being really thin for the rest of the device. The thicker edge also hosts the page-turn buttons, and a spacious 7-inch Kaleido 3 display adorning the top.

As for its internal specifications, the Onyx Boox Leaf 3C remains shrouded in mystery. For comparison, its predecessor, the Leaf 3, boasts an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a robust 2300mAh battery to keep the pages turning for hours on end. Additionally, expect a dual-color front light feature, perfect for reading in any lighting condition.

Stay tuned as further details emerge about the new e-reader. However, it’s worth noting that initial reports suggest the Onyx Boox Leaf 3C may be exclusive to the domestic Chinese market, adding an air of exclusivity to this much-anticipated release.

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