New Boox Go 10.3 E Ink Tablet Spotted at FCC, Likely to be Rebranded Note X3 Pro

Here is a new device that has been spotted on the FCC website and is already creating ripples in the e-reader E Ink segment. As a Reddit post revealed, the device is named Boox Go 10.3 and is being considered as just the rebranded version of the Note X3 Pro that the company launched a couple of weeks back. However, with the Note X3 Pro being confined to only within China, the Boox X3 10.3 is all set to sail for international shores. The E Ink tablet is speculated to launch in the US towards the end of 2024 or early next year given that it has already obtained the necessary FCC certifications. As it is, almost everything about the tablet is under a veil of secrecy, with an embargo in place till November this year.

However, given that the upcoming e-note device is being considered the rebranded version of Note X3 Pro, we can assume the Boox Go 10.3 to have a similar set of specifications. Of particular interest is going to be the 10.3-inch 300 PPI display. This would make it the first E Ink tablet from Onyx Boox to sport a 300 PPI e-paper panel. So far, it is only the Kindle Scribe that alone offered a 300 PPI resolution display in the 10-inch device segment.

Other specs of the X3 Pro that would likely be seen on the Boox Go 10.3 as well include an octa-core processor along with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. The e-note is also expected to come pre-installed with Android 12.

Worth mentioning, Onyx Boox had launched the Note X3 Pro and the Note X3 Youth Edition on April 23. Just a month down the line, the company launched the Note X3 Plus. It already offers the Note Air and Tab Ultra range of 10-inch E Ink tablet devices. The upcoming Note Go 10.3 is clearly going to be a step ahead given that it will have a 300 PPI display.

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