HANNspree Unveils HannsNote2 Tablet with Cutting-Edge RLCD Panel

HANNspree, the Taiwan-based tech company, has launched its latest e-note device, the HannsNote2, featuring a groundbreaking 10-inch full-color reflective LCD panel. Unlike traditional LCD displays, the HannsNote2 utilizes the innovative Hannstar Color Crystal reflective display technology, eliminating glare and delivering a comfortable viewing experience in any lighting condition.

The Hannstar Color Crystal display boasts true full-color rendering with an impressive palette of 16.7 million colors, offering vibrant visuals at a resolution of 200 pixels per inch (PPI). With a dynamic refresh rate of 60 Hz, users can enjoy swift page-turning speeds of just 5 milliseconds and seamless video playback. Both of the qualities maker a significant leap forward in display technology.

Under the hood, the HannsNote2 is powered by a Rockchip RK3566 processor paired with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of onboard storage. Despite its powerful performance, the tablet maintains a slim profile, measuring just 4.7mm thick and weighing a mere 350 grams, making it the thinnest and lightest RLCD tablet on the market.

Running on Android 13, the HannsNote2 provides access to the Google Play Store, offering a vast array of apps for entertainment, productivity, and more. Equipped with a USI 2.0 protocol stylus, users can take advantage of the tablet’s color note app for seamless note-taking and creative expression.

From gaming and multimedia entertainment to productivity tasks and e-book reading, the HannsNote2 offers versatile functionality for users of all kinds. While currently available in Taiwan for NT$10,800, HANNspree plans to introduce the HannsNote2 to the European market in the near future, offering consumers across the globe access to this cutting-edge RLCD tablet.

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