Bigme B751C color e-note launched, features 7-inch Kaleido 3 display

Bigme has launched a new e-note device – the Bigme B751C. If that is ringing bells in your head, that is because the company already offers the B751 e-note device which comes with a 7-inch monochrome E Ink display. You may have already guessed it right, the new B751C comes with a color display with everything else remaining the same.

The B751C features a 7-inch Kaleido 3 display which offers a black-and-white resolution of 300 PPI while the color resolution gets halved to 150 PPI. Being flicker-free, the display allows for enhanced eye comfort even when viewed for long. The display also comes with German Rheinland certification for markedly reduced blue light emission and boasts a paper-like index score of 86.

Bigme stated the display also comes with xRapid quick brushing and automatic ghosting elimination technology which should allow for the most comfortable viewing experience ever. Then there is the 36 level adjustable warm and cold light feature which ensures you have the most consistent viewing experience irrespective of the ambient lighting condition.

The bundled stylus will let you take notes, scribble, or draw right on the display. For this the B751C comes with note-taking application which supports advanced features such as layers, canvas, lasso, zoom, text and image insertion, note encryption, and so on. This apart, the built-in reading engine xReader is now optimized and upgraded which enables it to read books in more than 20 mainstream document formats, with 10+ reading layouts. Besides, it supports 5 reading refresh modes and 4 dual-document opening modes.

Another unique aspect of the new Bigme B751C is its dual-system functionality which Bigme claims is the only e-note in the world in its category to be so equipped. The device can be easily connected to external accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, or headphones via Bluetooth. This way, it can serve as an excellent office aid while at other times, it can be used for reading, listening to audiobooks, drawing, scribbling, or other fun things.

Smart features the B751C is capable of include handwriting-to-text conversion, voice-to-text accuracy of over 98 percent, translation and transcription in 37 languages and 27 dialects, and such. Also, with access to ChatGPT, you can have your summaries or articles written or have other pieces proofread and so on.

Specs wise, the B751C comes with a 2.3GHz octa-core processor which works in tandem with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, with the option of adding another 1 TB of storage via microSD cards. A 2300 mAh battery provides the juice. Connectivity options include dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. The e-note runs Android 11 and provides access to the Play Store.

Among the other convenient features of the Bigme B751C include physical page turn buttons and built-in microphone. There are speakers onboard too for listening to audiobooks. The e-note comes bundled with a stylus pen as well as case. The e-note is right now only available in China where it is priced 1999 yuan.

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